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A later shamanistic movement was the "Messiah Cult", introduced by the Wintun people. This cult believed in prophets who had dreams, "waking visions" and revelations from "presiding spirits", and "virtually formed a priesthood".The prophets earned much respect and status among the people.Most of the remaining Pomo people live on reservations now.Pomo, also known as Kulanapan, is a language family that includes seven distinct and mutually unintelligible languages, including Northern Pomo, Northeastern Pomo, Eastern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Central Pomo, Southern Pomo, and Kashaya.Instead, they lived in small groups or bands, linked by geography, lineage and marriage.

The body of narratives is classed within the Central California cultural pattern.

The Pomo Indians are known as masters of basket weaving and jewelry making.

Some of their most culturally important dances are "Ghost Dance" and "Far South".

John Wesley Powell classified the language family as Kulanapan in 1891, based on the name first used by George Gibbs in 1853.

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He referred to the language by the name of one band from the Clear Lake Pomo.This area was where coastal redwood forests met with interior valleys with mixed woodlands.