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01-Dec-2017 17:51

But the fact that you wrote to me while dating the same someone else from before makes me question how much has really changed over the last year. I eat better (mostly because of some medication I’m on, but still…) and I’m more active because I have to be to keep up with my dog. and if I had to bet, I’d guess the chances of you getting her back again are pretty slim.

So, I have some advice for you: be alone for a while. not like a month or two, but more like six months or even a year. So the very least you can do is take some time to figure yourself out, so that hopefully, maybe, you can be a better man for someone else rather than a fool who messes up everything. Have a nice life, sincerely, No Longer Your Girl Remember that freeing feeling I felt after my friend’s wedding?

You who have found your voices and those of you who have yet to discover the power you possess. I speak fluent sarcasm, Idris Elba could get it, I have zero tolerance for bullshit, and I love sports.

We’re here to encourage you to get in touch with your inner badass and be firmly in your corner when you do. Oh, and I’m ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar.

I’ve been in England for the past 3 weeks and for some reason I just haven’t felt like I’ve found my “groove” so to speak. Not remembering what day it is, barely using my laptop.. I’ve been chatting with my family every now and then which has been nice but i’ve found it to be really complicated to adjust to the time differences.

and pretty much just working on Gaming Union stuff all week. perhaps because this is the first time I’ve actually lived here rather that just spent 2 weeks. by now, I would’ve already been home had this been one of my normal adventures..

I’ve only just started so there’s just the introduction video up and a new one should be up some time tomorrow where I talk a bit about my experiences in my first two lessons this past week.

First off, I do think that some of your feelings towards me were probably genuine. I realize you probably actually loved me at some point in time and at least part of it was real.

You don’t realize how much you want your own shelves/drawers until you don’t have them.

Although, uni is a bit different as you actually have access to your own desk whereas now I have to really mesh myself in my boyfriend’s room which has been a bit challenging for me. I have a strong belief that when my boyfriend and i have our own place it’ll be a lot easier to settle in. lately I’ve been playing a lot of video games for review..

It was so bizarre and random, but it was like I could just sense he was thinking about me. I came home from class and there was a note hanging from my garage door opener.

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My friends told me I was being paranoid and torturing myself, they said I just needed to stop thinking about him because it was over and it was time to move on. I kept thinking I saw him places and wondering if that was his car. I instantly recognized his handwriting and knew what it was. I am a writer, a world-traveler, a part-time yogi, and a full-time magnet for all things crazy and comical. Thank God for family, friends, and cabernet sauvignon for keeping me sane.